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There are as many hair types and textures as peoples cultures vary. For those with curly hair, wavy, frizzy, Relaxed or colour treated hair, caring for your hair can be confusing. Different patterns, different curl types, require different styling and maintenance routines. There are so many conflicting advice out there, also as Afro and curly hair is so diverse, There has never been more question and more confusing answers about maintains dry, frizzy or curly hair. Having worked with different hair textures, Here are a few tips I have learned along the way that works with adapting your routine to what works for you and your hair. I will use the term curly hair but it applies to all the hair textures and situations mentioned above.

1. Make Sure Your Curly Hair Is Moisturized: The most important factor to having healthy and manageable curly hair is moisture. The moisturizing process starts with the shampoo you use.To the conditioner. It will add much-needed hydration to naturally curly hair, Afro-Caribbean, mixed ethnic hair textures. Next, use a deep conditioner that will reconstruct damaged hair, and follow with a leave-in conditioner and styling cream. The right combination of shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing products can help control frizzy hair and kinky hair, reduce breakage and makes hair soft to the touch.

2. Shampooing: One of the misconceptions with curly hair is to shampoo too often. This is very common for parents with possibly straight hair that needs more washes and they tend to do the same for their children with multi-ethnic or biracial hair. Everyones hair is different, how often you wash is dependent on what feels good for your hair. Try washing once a week. I would advise shampoo every 2 weeks and co-wash every 2 weeks. See how this goes. Moisturise with a water and oil mix spray, re-apply a leave-in conditioner.

3. Styling Products: If you have frizzy hair or kinky hair, make sure you’re not using styling products that are dehydrating. Many mousses, hair sprays, and gels may remove moisture, which is important to maintaining manageable hair and keeping hair healthy. Keep your hair moisturised using quality products and premium natural oils.

4. Heat Styling: Stay away from blow dryers unless you want your naturally curly hair to turn into frizzy hair or kinky hair. Blow dryers can damage your hair and strip it of its natural oils and the oils you apply through the conditioning process. To keep your natural curls beautiful, always allow your hair to air dry.

5. Brushing and Detangling: I cannot stress the importance of this step enough. Study your hair or your child's hair. What works for one person could be entirely different for another person's hair. Invest in some good combs and brushes. Having just one won't do as you have to try the different combs to see which works best for the hair. And different combs work with different hair and also work at different times. Oh, I know it sounds confusing. Ill Get to that more in the next post. I will talk about sectioning, where to start with your combing. Wet and dry combing etc

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