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Hello and welcome to our Blog.

I think its only fair that you get to know a bit more about us before we start sending out all kinds of blog post. Who are we and why do we think we know about hair?

We are a Freelance Hair Extensions And Hair Care Service in Manchester. We have had years of experience in all aspects of hair. We are trained hairdressers, experienced in a varied number of hair extension methods. We specialize in weaving and braiding and Dreadlock Extensions.


We also very interested in the health of your hair. Because of this, we made sure that we have products and services to support the growth and maintenance of healthy hair. We have natural hair treatments and services to support your hair journey. We are also happy to educate you on what to use and how to maintain your hair. If your hair is healthy, makes it a nicer and happier experience for us all. And we are in the process of improving our hair products to support your natural hair as well as hair extensions.


We are also bridal and occasion hairstylist and makeup artist. lets help make your special day more memorable.

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